Extraordinary People Make A Big Impact In The World

The Same Is Lame® Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps talented kids maximize their potential.

Our Mission

The mission of the foundation is to find, encourage and support children with exceptional talents, unique abilities and extraordinary skills.

Our Charter

The foundation, its projects and its volunteers help outstanding children foster their unique talent through financial support, emotional encouragement and mentorship.

The Same Is Lame Jazz Ambassadors

Making an impact through music.

Check Out Some Of Our Recent Uniquely Talented Winners

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Thank you so much to the “Same is Lame® Foundation”.  This wonderful foundation and award has allowed Rory to take extra private classes and to perfect her passion of  Irish Dance. Since being granted this award Rory has moved up two levels of Irish dance and is now working very hard to achieve the top level. Without Same as Lame this rise in level may not have possible. Thank you so much.

Rory Cain

Irish Dancer

I was one of the people to receive the scholarship from the Same Is Lame® Foundation. With the scholarship I was able to pay a portion of my karate tuition and register for the Florida Blitz Martial Art Tournament. That year I won two division in the state and currently will be testing for my third degree black belt in the early part of 2018. I will like to thank Same is Lame for giving me the Scholarship and I hope someone else can benefit from this too.

Akeem Tonge

Martial Arts

Thanks to the support of the Same is Lame® Foundation, gifted students of the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra (FSYO) from will be able to participate in the experience of a lifetime—a tour of Europe, with the highlight of the trip being competing in the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival.

Briana Scales

Manager of Philanthropy, Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra

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Same Is Lame®

Little Jimmy is a small guy with a BIG mission… help people realize how special they really are.

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Meet The Founders

Jimmy Vee

Jimmy Vee

Jimmy Vee

Travis Miller

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller founded the Same Is Lame® Foundation in 2014 because they believe exceptional children have the power to change the world. Jim and Travis are bestselling authors and founders of Gravitational Marketing, an advertising agency based in Orlando, Florida. Both are married, and each have two exceptional children.